Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lundin Peak Attempt

Summary: Attempt to climb Lundin Peak in the Cascades
Link to all the pictures: Click Here

Got out for a great day hike last weekend. The plan was to try to get up to Lundin Peak which is about an hour outside Seattle. We hiked along the PCT for 4 miles or so before turning off onto an unnamed trail that would take us up to the tree line and then leave us to wander. I really wanted to get to the top of the peak but after getting up there decided it was no too smart to attempt without a rope and more daylight. It was a great hike and the views were fantastic.

We managed to get up to the false summit but that was our stopping spot for the day. The plan is to go back with proper gear and get up to the top.

It was nice to get out of the city and into the silence. The only thing we could hear was the wind, marmots whisteling to each other, and the pika's squeaking away in the scree fields. I was pretty dissapointed on the way up that I did not get to see any Pikas but on the way down a few popped out to squeak at me.

Just for fun here is a link to the sound of a pika --> Here

And a Marmot --> Here

Well that is it for now. It is a nice sunny day so I am off to sit by the lake, read, and plan a hike for tomorrow.

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