Monday, September 15, 2008

Mount Saint Helens

Link to all the pics: Here

Ok, so all those other hikes we did were not nearly as cool as this!! I will not write too much about this one since the pics say it all but Dan, Laura, Natalie and I headed up to the mountain Saturday morning and started the hike up the mountain at 6:15 Sunday... wow, that was an early start. With all of our stops it was about an 8 hour round trip hike. I have never hiked anywhere like this before.

It was great getting out with good friends and seeing an amazing new landscape. Worth every step!!

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Colleen said...

Thomas, Phil forwarded your address to, um, maybe the world. GREAT photos! Is the key to load the photos to Picasa and THEN add the link? I need to learn how to do that!! Big SMILES, OBX Colleen