Saturday, August 16, 2008

A little different commute

Yesterday I decided to do a little something different on my commute back from Shelton. Rather than head east to I5 I went west and headed up into the Olympic mountains. I have had a few routes on my gps for a while that I was wanting to try out that skirt around the edge of the park on gravel. So on with the pics:

I had to alter my route a little when I came across this. I was willing to give it a shot getting around the pic below...

...but when riding solo, with my work laptop and other gear in the bags I was not willing to keep going past the spot below.

This was heading back down to the highway. I had to cut out a little early so I could catch a ride home on the ferry.

Here is the ride back on the kingston to edmonds ferry. In the end it ended up being about 40 miles of gravel. If the weather holds out next week I am going to hit another section on the way home.

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