Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Catching up

Time just keeps on flying.  I just looked back and my last post was at the end of February.  It has been a busy winter of playing.

You just don't see that every day.
The first weekend of the month we headed down to Denver for Monica's baby shower.  We all got a chance to catch up a little Thursday night then Friday morning Dave and I headed for Vail.  It was my first time riding with Dave and we had a blast.  We found plenty of tight tree runs and he some great video that I still need to get a hold of.  I ended up ripping a giant hole in my jacket from a close call with one tree.  At the end of the day we retired for beer and pizza and were joined at the house by Slick Lettuce.  I have not gotten to see Slick since the wedding so it was great to catch up.  You know good friends when you just pickup right where you left off.

Dave, Slick and I were back out at Vail Saturday morning and had to search a little for untouched snow but found plenty.  It was a great day of getting out in the snow with the guys.  The day ended way too quickly and we all agreed we would meet back up in Denver later that night.

Dave and I hit the road and after 2 coffee breaks we had him back in Denver in time to catch the tail end of the baby shower.  We wrapped up the festivities and then all adjourned to the Berkshire Restaurant (Dave's brothers restaurant) where we got to see all the baby shower attendees as well as have a special visit from Slick Lettuce and Amanda (old friends from NC).  We were so psyched that they made it out.  It really was crazy because we just picked up like we had just seen each other yesterday.  We really miss those guys and were so happy to catch up.  

Too quickly we were back on a plane to Seattle.

The second weekend of the month we had our annual gathering up in Baker.  We ended up with 6 great friends.  The group was Natalie, myself, Dan, Laura, Ross, and Stephanie.  The plan was to get out and snowshoe/ski and play outside.  Unfortunately the weather was a bit of a bust and Dan had managed to stick a cheese knife through his foot a few days before so our outdoor adventures changed over to hanging in the hot tub and drinking a few growlers of beer from the brew pub down the street.  Not a bad weekend at all.

Again too quickly we were in the car and headed back to Seattle.

In the spirit of not being home at all for the month Natalie headed out to a friends wedding the weekend before last and I headed up to the mountains to splitboard with a few friends.  It was a great day in the snow.  Perfect powder in the trees and a great group of people.  We ended up getting about 6000 feet of climbing in over 11.2 miles.  A great day!

And last but not least last weekend Natalie and I had our first weekend together in a month last weekend.  It was great to not be in a hurry all day or feel like we needed to be anywhere.  We got up Saturday morning and headed out to a cool breakfast place in Freemont, then headed over to the Burke Museum to catch a photography exhibit called The Owl and the Woodpecker.  Amazing photos!!

This weekend is looking like we will be in town again and we are not sure what to do with ourselves.  I am going to try to get out skiing but the conditions are looking a little dicey right now.  Hopefully mother nature will get her act together.