Sunday, April 3, 2011

Been in Seattle for 3 years and finally hiked the most popular hike around

Camp robber Jay at the top
Had a great day in the mountains today with Mike.  We headed up to Mt Si which is probably the most popular hike in Seattle.  It is only about an hour out of town and is used as a training hike for Rainier and other large mountains because of its steady grade for 4 miles.  You climb about 1000ft a mile for 4 solid miles.

This hike was not as hard as I was thinking it would be even though we hit snow 2 miles in and had to put on yak tracks and crampons a little after that due to the icy trail.

I have to say I have never seen such a variety of hikers on a single trail.  We saw everything from guys obviously training for big mountains, with their full packs with multiple ice axes hanging off the sides, to people in jeans with duffel bags (what do you use a duffel bag for hiking?) headed to the top.  There were even quite a few people in shorts.  ?  Do you know it is icy and really cold out here?  It was great people watching.

Round trip it is 8 miles and 4000 ft of climbing.  A great day to be out in the mountains.

Thanks Mike!

Jeans are the new technical hiking clothing

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Pedicularis said...

I have often seen joggers on that trail -- doing it twice in one day!! Crazy! And I have counted well over 100 individuals coming up as I descend: kids, dogs, fit people, fat people, big groups, single joggers, no pack, little day packs, huge packs. As tough as it is, it still attracts crowds on spring and summer weekends.