Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pratt Lake Day Hike

Few Pictures Here (click me)

This past weekend Natalie and I got out for a nice 12 mile day hike.  After the North Cascades rain fly incident I was not sure Natalie would want to get back out.  Every trip we go on seems to turn into some sort of death march incident and that last trip as awesome as it was did have a hint of that element.  Anyway, mid week Natalie asked if I wanted to head out for a day hike.  Right after that she surprised me by saying "we could go overnight if you want."

I believe it was the first time I have said that I could not do an overnight since I had some things I had to get done over the weekend but we settled on a day hike instead.  Even better it was a trip Natalie picked out.

So armed with backpacks filled with the 10 essentials, see we do learn, we headed out of Seattle at 8:30.  After a coffee break, yes that is standard, we arrived at the trailhead a little over an hour later and started the walk.  As the trail description had warned us the parking lot was pretty busy but after we turned off to Pratt lake the crowds dwindled and we had the forest to ourselves.

According to the trail description it was a little over 4 miles in and although it took a little longer than we were thinking we arrived on the ridge overlooking the lake.  It was amazing how the forest changed as we walked and as we descended to the lake the pine forest gave way to talus fields on all sides.

The lake was a beautiful spot nestled at the base of the ridge we had descended from.  I tried my luck at fishing but did not see any activity at all.

The rain began to fall as we headed out but was short lived.  The mist felt pretty good and made the area feel very remote.

After a few hours we descended back to the car and found out from the trailhead sign that instead of the 8-9 mile dayhike we had planned we had just done 12 miles.  Feeling very good about our fitness we packed everything in the car and headed back to the city.

Hoping to get out on a good day hike again this weekend with several friends so more later.

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