Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kendall Catwalk

All the pics here (link)

This past weekend we got in a great 11 mile day hike and headed up to Kendall Catwalk.  It was a very nice mellow climb up the PCT (pacific crest trail).  It was raining when we left Seattle and the whole climb up there was a nice mist coming down.  The fog and mist felt great on the climb and made the catwalk have a spooky feeling since we could not see the bottom.  The rock face below us just fell away into a foggy abyss.

The catwalk is a section of the PCT that was blasted out of the mountain.  On one side is the mountain and the other is a sheer cliff with several hundred feet straight down.  It reminded me a bit of some of the biking trails I have been on in Utah.  While we were up there everything was socked in with fog so we hiked in our own little bubble of a view.

So far we have checked off quite a few hikes on our to do list and hopefully we will check off one more before the wedding.  We will see how the timing goes.

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