Sunday, January 31, 2010


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Saturday we headed out with Laura and Frank to an event that I don't think you can see in too many parts of the country. We went to watch the Cascade Quest dog sled race over by Levenworth.

This was a really cool event that went from Saturday to Sunday. The racers headed out 25 miles, camped, and then headed back in Sunday. Since we were there on Saturday we saw the teams leaving.

The whole event was very laid back so we got to meet the racers and all their dogs. We saw the 2pm start that was a purebred race. Since we were there at around 1:30 we saw them getting all of the dogs ready. As soon as the dogs saw their harnesses they got really excited and started howling. Even at the starting gate the dogs were so excited they started hopping up and down and jumping on top of each other.

It was a great day filled with lots of dog slobber.


Brian Tunstill said...

man, my kid is f-ing obsessed w/ harry and the hendersons....he got the DVD version for Christmas and watches it at least once a day....sled race looked like fun man!

Thomas said...

Yea, it was crazy to stop at this little roadside coffee shop with a sign by it saying it was the spot that Harry and the Hendersons was filmed. I vaguely remember that movie but I do remember that I loved it as a kid!!