Monday, August 3, 2009

Weekend of Ahhhhhhh

All the pics here (click me)

This past weekend was just the Dr ordered. Ever since getting back from the TAT trip I feel like Natalie and I have been rushing to fit in everything we could before the sun went away again and the mountains were covered in snow (hopefully). This past weekend we went out of town but on a 100% relaxing trip.

We met the gang saturday morning over at Walter and Courtney's place and hit the road for the northern entrance of Mt Rainier. We entered the park right by Crystal Mountain (where we usually go to ski in the winter) and headed over Chinook Pass. On the way up we got two jaw dropping views of Mt Rainier. I had my camera all packed away so no pics of that but just google Mt Rainier and if you see a good picture that as what I am talking about. I had not been past the Crystal Mountain turn off and never realized what I was missing up there. Beautiful craggy peaks peaking over tree line and just the tiniest bits of snow on the top. I could go on and on but I will spare you my drooling over mountain views. Anyway, shortly after going over the pass we were at the turn-off for our home for the night.

The cabin belongs to Courtney's family and sits on the American river and inside Mr Rainier park boundries. The cabin was built in 1910 and is one of my favorite places in Washington so far. There are only 3 rooms, the bedroom/living room, the kitchen (complete with the origional wood burning stove), and a little bedroom. We had power and access to an outhouse. How can you not love a place with an outhouse?

We spent the entire day Saturday hanging out by the river, taking the occasional dip, drinking beer, reading, playing ladder golf (my new favorite outdoor game), and not having to do anything. Put simply we were in heaven for the day.

We all had big plans to play board games all night but our oldness kicked in and we all found ourselves passing out in our chairs by the river. So nice to not have anything we had to be doing.

Sunday was pretty much a repeat. More swimming, drinking, and taking it easy. But all great things must come to an end and around 3 we packed up the cars and headed out. It was sad to leave the peace and quiet of the cabin and good friends but it was a great weekend.

A few pics.

The cabin

Ladder golf action

Our hostess

The river we took it easy by

The parting shot

The crazy parting shot

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Courtney Putnam said...

What an incredible time! Thanks for posting these great pictures, Thomas!