Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day 13 - So worn out

Mileage - 170
Ride Time - 11 hours

Best day or riding so far but I can hardly move anymore. Today was a mix of sand, rocks, steep hills. We had a minor mechanical issue when my battery decided that it would not power the bike anymore but after pulling the battery out Palmer and I discovered that one of my several drops during the day must have emptied the battery. We refilled the battery cells from our camelback and as if by magic the bike fired up like a champ. Palmer and I both agree that Colorado and Utah tie for the best riding. Colorado had amazing views and great trails, while Utah has great views and amazing riding.

Not much or a post today so here is a little video from the day. I am going to take a handfull of advil and head to bed. Ouchh...

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