Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day 12

Mileage - 180
Ride Time - 9 hours

Another long but great day. We headed out of Montecello today and headed twords the La Sal mountain range. Amazing that this mountain range is just a few miles from such a huge desert. We went from zipping up all of the vents in the La Sals to 100 temps in Moab and opening up every vent we could find.

We stopped over in Moab for lunch and ran into Staples. Staples is a rider we have been bumping into off and on while we have been riding. The other day when we had a second night in Salida that put him a day ahead of us. So we were suprised when we ran into him wearing just a sock on his right foot. Turns out he was playing around on the way into Moab. He headed up a steep slope when he stopped and the bike started sliding backwards. The bike dumped on top of him and the foot peg, we think, punctured his boot and tore up the bottom of his foot. He had three stitches between his two smallest toes and the bottom of his foot was all messed up. So, we must have a moment of silence because his trip is over. Such a bummer.

On a different note today was a little interesting when I had a little mechanical issue. Palmer and I were headed up a steep sandy slope when my clutch cable snapped. Luckily I used my deep mechanical skills to replace the cable and housing. Here is a pic of me jumping in with the utmost confidence.

In the end it only took Palmer and I 15 minutes to change out and we were back on the road.

Tomorrow is a big sand day so it should be a challenge. Here are a few pics from the day.

The reason for our first detour.

Coming into the La Sal mountain range

Climbing the hill I busted the clutch cable on

Flatlands outside Green River Utah

Palmer outside Moab


mgspann said...

Nice to see Palmer's front fender and saddle bags are still in the proper place. Looks like a great trip!

Laura said...

Looksl ike you guys are having a blast!!!!