Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day 11 - fun with high mountain passes

Mileage - 180
Ride Time - 11.5 hours

Wow was it ever a long ride today. We had a mix of a little of everything. We crossed over 3 11,000+ ft passes today. The ride was a combination of everything we have seen so far (rocks, steep, beautiful) with serious exposure added in to keep your heart racing. On several of the climbs and descents we would have 200-500 foot drops off to the side.

Today was so beautiful it really made me almost sad every time we put in another mile because we were that much closer to leaving. I really felt a connection with each place in Colorado. The views are so incredible I just can't do it justice with words or pictures. I will try with pictures but they really don't even begin to show the whole view.

This afternoon we left Colorado (tear) and headed into Utah. Tomorrow it is on to Moab.

Here is a little video from today.

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