Monday, April 20, 2009

Back to the, back to the beach y'all

All the pics here --> (click me)
Note: Tons of pics (tried to keep it down to 50) due to the good weather. I kind of went nuts on the boardwalk photos but they are cool so there.

Well it was strike 2 in the search for the whales. With the weather promising to be extremely nice I decided to head back out to the peninsula this past weekend for solo hike take 2. It is prime time for whale migration so I thought I might see a few but instead I ended up with another great weekend of backpacking and lots of sun as the icing on the cake.

I went to the same trailhead this week but at the rangers recommendation I headed south instead of doing the loop.

So the wildlife list was; a few seals, several bald eagles, lots of star fish, elk, a few snakes, and some type of heron.

Check out my pics and you can see the super sweet campsite I grabbed too.

It was a great weekend. Dan, Laura, Frank, and I are trying to get another trip together in three weeks so stay tuned for more.

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