Monday, March 30, 2009

San Diego getaway

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Natalie and I got away for a well deserved sun break the other weekend. We headed out of Seattle Thursday afternoon and a few hours later landed in San Diego. Mary Beth (aka beef)and Robin (aka Robin) picked us up from the airport and we headed over to a great seafood place for dinner and a few drinks. Julie joined us shortly and we all finished up dinner and headed out to a bar to continue the party. After a few more rounds of beer and catching up beef drove us out to our hotel to check in.

Friday morning we woke up to bright sunshine and warm weather. Ahhhhh, that is what we needed. We spent the entire day out by the pool. Julie and her baby Mady came out and got in some pool time with us in the afternoon. We had a great time taking it easy, trying to get Mady into the water and enjoying some mojitos.

Friday night was a reunion at the brew house in town. Carlo, Julie, Mady, Ryan, Beef, and Brian were all there and we spent the evening drinking our three allowed drinks (brewery policy. seriously) and catching up.

Saturday was another taxing day at the pool. We had some catching up on vitamin D to do so we did our best. The sun was gone long before we were ready to peel ourselves out of the pool chairs but we got cleaned up and went into Coronado to grab a great sushi dinner. We retired to the bar at our hotel and then called it a night.

Sunday was kind of a sad day since it had showed up way to early. We did get to grab brunch with the gang, this time including Katie and Mike, over by the airport. After about 30 cups of coffee I could have run to the airport but we caught a ride with Julie and Ryan. Just a few short hours we were back at home.

I had not realized until this trip how easy to was to get to San Diego from here. We were sad to have the trip over so soon but it was great to get away and get some sun. That trip should become a yearly ritual from here on out.

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